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Would you like to know more about how we can help you and your customers? Do you have any questions, or would you like us to tell you more about our business, databases or DCP, Brand Access, digital printing, offset printing or post-treatment?

Please contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. We will even come to you, or you can come to us, so that you can appreciate how everything works in practice.

Göran Lönndahl

+46 (0)8-726 56 01

+46 (0)70-512 83 28

Cathrine von Euw

+46 (0)8-726 56 07

+46 (0)70-871 45 23

Johannes Ljungmo

+46 (0)8-726 56 66

+46 (0)72-311 00 59


Västberga Allé 60, Box 42065, 126 13 Stockholm.
Telephone +46 (0)8 726 56 00.


Skråvägen 3, 857 53 Sundsvall.
Telephone +46 (0)8 726 56 00.


Formervangen 11, 2600 Glostrup.
Telephone +45 82 30 70 12.

What we offer

We print, print out and envelope printed materials and letters, programme web pages, e-mail, SMS and MMS, distribute them, deal with any replies and feed the information back to you. Our design studio can help with text and layout for forms, printed materials, letters, PDFs, web pages and e-mail. All communication, both printed and digital, is saved in a digital archive, and we store printed materials accessible for retrieval.

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Contact us to find out more about how we can help you to undertake your customer communication in a more modern, more customized and considerably more cost-effective way.

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