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We learn a great deal through our work with our customers, and our entire approach to development is driven by our desire to be one step ahead and to satisfy their future plans and objectives.

Our major clients are: Swedbank Robur AB, TeliaSonera Sverige AB, ComHem AB, MedMera Bank AB, Handelsbanken, SPP Liv AB, Trygg Hansa/Codan. We also have around fifty smaller, but equally valued, clients.

Swedbank Robur AB
with its 2.7 million customers, has been our customer and partner since 1984. We produce everything from their major annual data runs with statements of earnings and value statements to daily contract notes.
Ahead of the 2005 data runs, we took over their IP savers' transaction data and merged them with other insurance statements, with the result that the policyholders received improved, coordinated information; as a result, Robur was able to cut down on a large number of mailings.
The next step in our efforts to achieve cost efficiencies was when we, together with Robur, came across a new piece of software that makes mailings by post more efficient. We installed the software and achieved a significant reduction in postal costs. And Robur has further halved its postage costs since January 2008, when we started to distribute half of all their account statements digitally.

TeliaSonera Sverige AB
came to us with the printed contracts for its fixed-line telephony services in 1995, and, since 1999, our involvement has been extended to include all order confirmations within TeliaSonera's fixed-line telephony and broadband services.
As a natural step and a development in our long working relationship with Telia, we took over TeliaSonera Mobile's facility in Sundsvall complete with its equipment and ten employees on 1 June 2008. This facility in Sundsvall, which is very well organized, provides us both with a general increase in capacity and backup, and a production location in which to expand.

ComHem AB
showed its confidence in us in 2006 by expanding our longstanding cooperation to include all their print-outs of both invoices and letters to customers. With ComHem's acquisition of UPC, this assignment has grown substantially and now includes about a hundred daily routines, which have been minimized through complex programming to the smallest possible number of print and mail flows.

MedMera Bank AB
has been a customer since the beginning of 1982. We work mainly with KF Kort, which is responsible for both the cooperative movement's membership register and the Coop MedMera card.

has been our client since 2002. Our work consists in particular of digitally printing and producing office print-outs for Handelsbanken's 450 branches in Sweden, in a print-on-demand solution called SÄLJ.

has been using our help for 10 years to produce regular DM activities with the aim of persuading SPP Liv's customers to increase their contributions for future pensions. Communication is in both digital and printed form and is preceded by detailed customer analyses.

Trygg Hansa/Codan
transferred its entire data distribution operation, including personnel and equipment, to us on 1 April 2007. The transfer took place without problems of any kind, and we now also have a production facility in Copenhagen as a result. KGM Copenhagen also acts as a back-up for the Swedish operation.

What we offer

We print, print out and envelope printed materials and letters, programme web pages, e-mail, SMS and MMS, distribute them, deal with any replies and feed the information back to you. Our design studio can help with text and layout for forms, printed materials, letters, PDFs, web pages and e-mail. All communication, both printed and digital, is saved in a digital archive, and we store printed materials accessible for retrieval.

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