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Our customers' needs have always provided us with the motivation to offer new solutions in a smarter way. At the beginning of the 1990s, when the advertising agencies wanted to make personalized mailings, we expanded our offset printing shop with a laser printing department.

The banks, insurance companies and other companies with large volumes of administrative mailings also appreciated the benefit of being able to give their customers relevant, personalized information – and the demand for our laser printing increased. And because laser printing imposes greater demands on the processing of data files, we also opened a computer department to enable us to offer our customers the necessary programming.

With a computer department of our own, it was not long before we identified the next major challenge: increasingly more media were becoming digital, and people began to move away from writing letters and reading newspapers to sending e-mails, SMSs and finding their news on the Net – and we wanted to offer our customers the ability to communicate with their customers in the same, modern way.

After months of hard work, and with our customers as our source of inspiration and sparring partners, the solution was clear and, in 2000, we were finally able to start using our DCP. This has enabled us to offer our customers the ability to communicate, simply and cost-effectively, using customized messages in any combination of channels. And with the increased use of the digital media, we can also protect the environment and save money. Last year, for example, this resulted in one of our customers reducing a mailing of financial reports from 2.7 million brochures to 1.6 million...

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We print, print out and envelope printed materials and letters, programme web pages, e-mail, SMS and MMS, distribute them, deal with any replies and feed the information back to you. Our design studio can help with text and layout for forms, printed materials, letters, PDFs, web pages and e-mail. All communication, both printed and digital, is saved in a digital archive, and we store printed materials accessible for retrieval.

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